“There is more to this building than we you see from Waiyaki Way, that is just the showroom.” Says Mr. Jonathan Dos SANTOS, the brand manager at Renault Kenya who invited me to check out the cool stuff happening at the Simba Corp. Aspire Centre.

The Simba Corp Aspire Centre, Nairobi
The Simba Corp Aspire Centre, Nairobi

Simba Corp offers a complete range of vehicles from brands including BMW, Renault and Mitsubishi. The building housing the 3 brands is in its final stages of construction but I hardly noticed until Jonathan pointed it out.

The facilities available at the Aspire Centre are built to international standards to ensure superior customer experience. I was taken on a tour and all I could say was “This is really NICE!” on every floor I went to.

The tour was to:

  • The customer service area
  • Vehicle service stations
  • Training and meeting rooms
  • The closing lounge (where deals are closed)
  • Simba Foundation: Simba Corp’s CSR
  • The coffee house and lounge area
  • The Mitsubishi, Renault and BMW showroom

Here’s a few pictures I took 🙂

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