Getting yourself a brand new car in Kenya means a lot… And i mean A LOT. Our market is used to imported models that stretch as far as 8 or even 10 years back! Renault is trying to change this narrative with a model known as the Kwid.

The model is said to be built for the roads we have with proper ground clearance and sustain our pockets with our ever changing fuel prices with a 30% reduction in fuel consumption at 25km per litre. This is interesting!

What is most interesting about the Kwid is the price! Let’s all agree, if you just need a motie for daily runs; (say your office-home commutes, school or errands around town). A new car that goes for a  million shillings is a deal you wouldn’t want to miss.

On the Outside

The mix of red and black on the exterior is stunning! The front grill tells you “I am BIG in a SMALL way” when you look at it. The car sits up high on the ground so that zigzag twirl people do when they are about to drive over a bump will not be necessary.

kwid 2

On the Inside

One word, practicality. Everything is where it is supposed to be. There’s a screen that’s as responsive and as interactive as a tablet. Bluetooth connectivity to sync your phone and make calls.

Sitting space is enough for four or 5 people but remember, this is a small car so small people please. LOL! If you’re a little bit too tall, you might want to recline your sit to drive comfortably.


The Renault  Kwid can comfortably cover 25 km per litre on its 28 litre petrol tank. It churns out a Maximum output (hp(kW)/rpm) 54 horse power (40 kilo watts)/5.678 revolutions per minute and maximum torque (Nm/rpm) 72 newton metres / 4.386 revolutions per minute.

I had a Car-nversation with the Brand Manager of Renault Kenya Mr. Jonathan Dos SANTOS and here’s what he said…