So you leave the house ready to tackle your day, meetings, events, church, school, office, errands. Then the worst thing happens. In fact, there’s more than just one thing that can happen.

You realize you forgot to fill up your tank, you get a flat tire or two, your battery dies, your insurance expired Jana, your car totally refuses to cooperate or sometimes you’re just not in a driving mood.

We all have these kinds of days and we don’t have time to check under the hood or call for quick fixes.  However, there definitely is a way out. Your phone!

In no particular order, here are taxi hailing apps that could save you when your motie becomes a total B**CH.

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Mondo Ride






Pewin Cabs

How they work:

These platforms sort of have the same formula in that you have to download on either Apple store or Google Play store (some have a USSD feature). Once you download, you’d need to set up an account via email or even your Facebook account and verify with your phone number.

The trick:
Any time you need to hail a cab, just pick an app and request. But here’s the trick; having all these apps on your phone will let you have the power to choose the one you want depending on whatever matters to you. Is it the quality of the service, the reliability, the coverage in your area, safety, security or price?

Also, hailing a cab is the best choice to make on a night out.

Don’t drink and drive…

Just don’t. *Insert Bryson Tiller’s voice* 😂😁