The number of times the letters S, G and R put together have interacted with Kenyan folk thus far… Exhausting!

Props to everyone who made it happen. Two sides of the coin is a thing so people will see things from different dynamics. There are critics and applauds to the launch of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) that happened just last week.

The President of The Republic of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta flags off the Madaraka Express.
Photo Courtesy Kenya Railways

Kenya Railways just launched a passenger train which is set to do daily commutes to and from Mombasa and everyone is going crazy about this!

Brace yourselves for selfies, Instastories, Snapchats and even Facebook LIVE from passengers aboard the SGR. (People will stop saying road trip manenoz and start saying rail trip manenoz)

Bus companies are already having a tough time convincing people that they are still in business.

Now, I think car guys view this whole thing from a different spectrum.

The cargo train will take 8 hours, the passenger train can ferry upto 1200 people at once. This means a few things for people who don’t wanna leave Kyla, Becky, Sheila and Samantha all the way in Nairobi as they go to Coasto.

The Car guy perspective

Please note that in this case, ‘Car guy’ is a term used to refer to both male and female individuals.

A car guy is fascinated by open roads, will the SGR guarantee this? A car guy needs to test a car’s limits – speed, distance and capability. A car guy wants to be happy at his/her happy place (behind the wheel).

Being in control is a car guy’s best behaviour. A car guy needs to hold a deep conversation or be in total silence with a DJ DemaKufu mix on the stereo doing the talking.

A car guy needs those spanking #TembeaKenya instagram pictures with their motie and beautiful Kenyan scenery in the backdrop.

The 4 and a half hours it takes the train to get to Mombasa is awesome news, but I think that’s kidogo time for a game drive. You won’t even soak in anything, you will be left high and dry! Also, you can’t make a stop when and where you want because you are not the boss around there.

See convenience is a very crucial thing. The conversation about drop offs and pick ups in Syokimau and Miritini is one that I wouldn’t want to have. Also, the question as to why I should my motie is just too much separation anxiety to deal with.

The Car guy’s questions

Haiya, iko maswali hapa…

Are the roads heading down to Mombasa going to be safer i.e. reduced congestion and accidents?

Are we gonna see lesser trucks considering there are going to have cargo trains?

Is the transportation from Nairobi to Syokimau and Mombasa to Miritini going to be sorted out by Kenya Railway for ever?

Ati mimi niwache gari nikienda Coasto… Mimi???

Anyway the SGR is worth trying but the bigger picture is in being able to drive down to Coasto with lesser hassle, on better and safer roads and minus the congestion.

Aye Car Guys… are y’all game on trying the SGR trip?

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