On the evening of the 4TH of July, I went down to the Carnivore Gardens thanks to an invite from DT Dobie, Mercedes-Benz’s Partners in Kenya. Main agenda of the night: a bus launch!

I was super excited after I heard the buses are assembled locally. Me Ni Mkenya, Mkenya Mtrue! *stolen* 😂😂😂

Two buses were being launched in particular, the Mercedes Benz MB 917 which is a small city bus and the MB 1730 which is a bigger intercity bus.

The most important part of these buses are the chassis,

The MB 917 Chassis

1. They are built at Daimler plants in India and Brazil and assembled here in Kenya.
2. They are bus chassis and not truck chassis. See, majority of the buses on our roads are built on a truck chassis, this compromises the comfort of the passenger. Daimler AG are changing this narrative by providing these two models to the markets in East Africa.

Daimler Buses have ensured that for the 1st time in the Kenyan market, we have buses with ABS braking systems and precision steering systems.

Ulrich Bastert, Head of Marketing, Sales & Customer Services at Daimler Buses
Zarak Khan, Executive Chair at DT Dobie

The designs of the bodies are made to Daimler’s standards and specifications by body builders here in the country such as LSHSBANBROS and KVM.

The MB 1730 revealed
Designed by KVM
School Bus designed by LSHS
The first hotel inside the JKIA, Lazizi Premier Hotel had their bus handed over to them on that night.

Comfort, safety and reliability have all been portrayed in these Mercedes-Benz bus models.

A recap of that night…

Looking forward to see them in Nairobi traffic.