One phrase that might get you b*tch slapped by a car guy is “It’s just a car”. Let me save you from that smack on your face… It is not just a car! It isn’t.

Two kinds of people: one who thinks a car is just a tool to take you from point A to point B, and another who believes a car is more of a mate, your compadre, your day one, numero uno!

Majority of the cars out there have a story behind them; your first car, a hand-me-down from your folks, your project car, your first paycheck. As in so much happens and forms the headline; why you are driving what you are driving.

A bunch of humans would decide to spend less on a car they purchase. Budget comes top of the list in determining the car you buy (exactly why they are called budget cars). Size, practicality and public image doesn’t really matter to some, so a “dudu” works just fine for them.

Dudu” is a term mostly used to refer to a small car. It may come off as an insult since the word translated from Swahili means Insect. πŸœπŸπŸ›πŸž

People often say size matters, but does it really?

Here’s a list of dudus that are roaming around our roads.

Toyota Vitz

Photo courtesy Cheki Kenya

Mazda Demio

Photo courtesy Cheki Kenya

Nissan Note

Photo courtesy Cheki Kenya

Honda FIT

Photo courtesy Cheki Kenya

VW Polo Vivo

BMW 116i

Photo courtesy Cheki Kenya

Renault Kwid

Mitsubishi Colt

Photo courtesy Cheki Kenya

Suzuki Swift

Photo courtesy Cheki Kenya

Mini Cooper

Photo courtesy Cheki Kenya


Trials and Tribulations of Dudu Squad.

Members of dudu squad (I just made that up) however have a rough patch in their daily interaction with the social space. As much as they believe public image doesn’t matter, it does. 

Sometimes you’ll park away from everyone else or take an uber just because your car doesn’t “align with your social circle’s expectations”.

Subliminal comments from your peers go straight into your heart like an arrow! 

“Aii hii gari si ni ndogo?” “Sasa haka kadudu pia kanaezaovertake?” “Ntatoshea kwa gari yako?”

You get bullied a lot by drivers with somewhat bigger cars as if you are a lesser being!

Some members however are smart. The pocket rocket gang! Looking for the sportier edition of these cars like the Toyota Vitz RS, the Mazda Demio Sport, and the Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart. (Y’all are realest OGs πŸ‘)

Massive shout out to the proud members of Dudu Squad who don’t give a sh*t about naysayers! πŸ‘Š

Are you proud to be Team Dudu Squad? Holla at me and set the record straight!

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  1. Anybody who ever talks ill about mini cooper will have more than a fist to their face, Nose specifically. They will have to deal with my whole generation. Up to the fourth generation. I would like to go the features but how abot I let you, The Motie guy do that for the next post. Break down for us well and ashame (Maybe the devil or just the haters)

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