Prices at the pump here in the 254 keep getting riskier and riskier by the day. It has become absolutely important for motor vehicle owners to take particular measures to save some coin on fuel.

However, what I seem to not understand is why at the same point we had a fuel shortage crisis in the country, we still had crazy traffic in Nairobi!

1. Weight Reduction.
Your golf clubs, gym bag, gas cylinder, surf boards, et cetera only need to be in your car when you need them. If I only do golf in the weekends, I’ll probably not need them in my car on a Tuesday!

2. Easy on the Hooning.
You’re going to have to be kind on your throttle. Those therapeutic sessions that involve you, your car and the Southern Bypass on Sunday Afternoon will have to be once in a while and not every day.

Braking and acceleration habits are supposed to be light and predictable. Thrushing the throttle and brake pedal is a usual suspect in fuel guzzling. Stay Woke!

3. Mince your Air Conditioning.

You know how Nairobi weather can be bipolar sometimes yeah? This can be tricky if 6 out of 7 days are SUNNY and EXTREMELY HOT!!

Using your air conditioning only when required will help save some fuel. Use of Air conditioning is said to increase fuel consumption by 8-10%

4. Make wiser trips.

Planning your trips in advance is so crucial especially with Nairobi traffic being a hot mess. Having your route well thought out with consideration of traffic to and from your destinations will help you make short and precise trips to your meetings, errands and escapades.

Surely though, there’s no point of making double trips when you can save some fuel just by making one!

5. Love Your Car, give it some TLC.

Other religious practices like prompt oil changes, cleaning your air filter, changing your spark plugs regularly, inflating your tires with the correct amount of pressure as well as maintaining regulary servicing of your vehicle will immensely help in fuel efficiency.

Because loved cars will love you back.

Do you have any secret tricks up your sleeve that help you save fuel? Please share on the comments down below.