Mid last year, CMC took over the Renault Trucks franchise from HVPS Kenya with the main agenda of pushing brand new trucks into the Kenyan market. The company acquired by Al Futtaim Group in 2014, will now handle sales, marketing, service and spare parts of the Renault Trucks brand here in Kenya.

(L) Cyril Barille VP Renault Trucks Africa
(R) Noel Mabuma CEO, East & Sub – Saharan Africa CMC Holdings

As would be assumed by many, Renault Trucks would automatically be under Simba Corp; that isn’t the case. Only Renault Cars are handled by Simba, Renault Trucks is a completely unrelated brand hence made sense to be under the umbrella of a different franchisee.

Renault Truck model ranges are named in alphabets based on what they have been built to do. (T – Long distance transportation, D – Distribution, K and C – Heavy construction and earth moving) The numbers that come after stand for the Horse Power it churns from its engine. The K 440, as the name suggest churns out 440 Horse Power and 2000nM of torque.

The K Range is the first to be launched here majorly because of the versatility it brings. You can transform it into a tipper, prime mover, logging truck, mixer or waste management truck depending on the consumer’s needs.

The Renault Trucks K Range

Fun Fact: The trucks are set to be assembled at the Kenya Vehicle Manufacturers plant in Thika.

The Optidriver Xtrem automated robotised transmission is a vital feature on this truck. 10% less on fuel consumption, weighs less than a manual gearbox, no clutch which means you will have no cases of “Ule dereva anachoma clutch sana” And most of all, a comfortable ride which is highly necessary as drivers spend hours on end in these trucks.

Rugged is one word that was used A LOT at the launch. This is seen on the steel build on the truck. From the chassis down under to the grill upfront. A driver focused cluster is what you see once you hop onto the cabin. The day & night cab comes with a bed for those long haul trips & a storage compartment that is accessible from both outside and inside the cabin.

The K Range will play in the big leagues with the recently launched P Series by Scania and the all-time favorite Mercedes-Benz Actross. For the mere fact that the K Range will be assembled in Kenya, pricing should ideally be affordable, yes?

Here’s a quick video of how the launch went down and a lot more about the Renault Truck K440.